Backyard Gardening

Backyard gardening to grow vegetables, is there a better or correct method ?

We vegetables know that raised bed gardening is best in our yard ....

.... because of the high water table ...

.... if it were not for the lifted beds we might drown ....

.... we also get a longer growing season.

A raised bed garden that is a little too wide to work from one side

Backyard Gardening and Growing Vegetables

Just Starting a Vegetable Garden  ? Need to choose a method ?

Organic Vegetable gardening techniques may differ ....

.... but good gardening principles hold true through all ...

.... leading to successes for all concerned ... us vegetables too.

Choose the method best suited for the gardener, the vegetables, and of course the backyard.

A neighbourhood community garden

A garden plot ..... most common in a traditional North American yard and often in large space community gardens.
                          ..... good garden soil, drainage are important ... 8 hours of sunshine too.
                          ..... startup is less expensive .. dig .. build the soil .. grow.

straw mulch on foot paths prevents soil compaction

    Raised Garden Beds

... simplest is a raided garden plot ... the soil level 4 to 10 inches above ground level

... the extra garden soil usually is not contained

... Our raised bed is a wooden frame that contains the soil .. 12 inches deep

 ... only basic carpentry skills were needed to build it ... or a raised bed garden kit

        can be purchased and assembled..

 ... raised bed gardening can create perfect soil and drainage for growing vegetables

... Our gardener has found other advantages for using these jacked up beds.

                      The soil warming earlier in the spring allows for sooner planting.

                      He does not have as far to bend ... easy gardening !

                      The garden weeds and pests are somewhat isolated.

                      Works well in a small space garden.

                      More intensive planting .. less weeding .. more efficient watering.

Planning on Growing Asparagus  ? 

... Our gardener needed to provide well drained garden soil ... 

     before planting the asparagus crowns.

His investment in the raised asparagus beds ...

    will provide 20 years or more of this delicious vegetable.

Garic growing in containers next to the Crabapple tree with aphids

Container Vegetable Gardens .... 

.... Growing vegetables in pots, boxes, planters, baskets ...

... or any other container that will  hold the potting soil

    is an alternative to in ground vegetable plants. 

... containers work well in a small space garden

... movable planters can take advantage of better sunshine locations

... A patio garden design would include lots of pots and planters

 .. vining plants growing in containers can hang from from a balcony vegetable garden

... Growing vegetables in containers need root space and frequent watering.

... selection of vegetable plants and Vegetable Garden Seeds

       should be suited to containers ...  smaller or dwarf varieties are good.



                                Grow Potatoes in bags or large containers.

                                Try a container herb garden ... Grow Garlic  in containers too !

Balcony Gardens ... vegetable gardening opportunities abound on the deck ...

... small space gardening  if the balcony is your backyard !

Potatoes planted in a grow bag

Our vegetable gardener's modus operandi is to combine these methods when growing vegetables...

... the three ring circus of backyard gardening ...

    Traditional garden plot raised

    Cedar board framed raised garden bed

    Container Vegetable Garden

... and throw in a few more variables .. interplanting ... companion planting ... vertical gardening  ...

... Our backyard gardens are happening ... some of the front yard too.

We are lucky to have a spacious yard ...

... Room for grass ... flowers ... Growing Vegetables too !

The cabbage out grew all else in this raised bed

Beginners starting a vegetable garden, remember .... 

   vegetable gardening is like building the garden soil  ...

... both take time to perfect ... and even then our gardener is subject to the whims of Mother Nature.

Start A vegetable garden ... grow with it ...

... do not bite off more than can be chewed in the first year.

Basics are best ....

.... from choice of organic Vegetable Seeds  ....

.... acquisition of  hand gardening tools  ....

.... to building garden structures ....

.... all happens over time.

Part of this years harvest

Need vegetable gardening tips in your  gardening adventures ?

Look around  the neighbourhood for someone experienced in growing vegetables .

Ask her for gardening advice ...

... One of the best pieces of gardening advice she gave our gardener was ...

... about Companion Gardening ...

... Vegetable garden plants that work for the gardener and us fellow vegetables.

... The local gardening supply shop will have vegetable growing knowledge for the area and local conditions ...

... Ask them for information that will improve your backyard gardens.

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