Just Starting a Vegetable Garden?
The vegetable garden soil is the foundation

building the soil with dry grass clippings in the fall

Just starting a vegetable garden ?

Garden soil is one of the holy trinity of vegetable gardening.

Sunshine and water ...

...  are the other parts in this mirepoix of growing vegetables.

Sunshine and water are under the control of Mother Nature.

For the earth, our gardener has it under control.

He thinks!

Build it and feed it, we vegetable plants will thrive.

Make compost at home...Cheap fertilizer

Want the dirt on good vegetable growing?

Ask a long time gardener in your neighbourhood.

There is always one that will give you good vegetable gardening tips.

She will say that building vegetable garden soil organically is an ongoing process ...

.... Loamy with good tilth is good!

A combination of clay, sand, and organic matter creating good aeration

and the right balance of moisture is great for growing organic vegetables.

This gardener will speak of organic compost how to make it and use it building soil.

Is Growing Vegetables in Containers

 or Raised Bed Gardening a method you are using to grow vegetables ?

She knows that the growing mix is different when growing vegetables these ways.

Although the types of soil used may differ ...

... Good organic compost is still important in ...

... container vegetable gardens ... raised bed gardens ... and vegetable garden plots.

All Organic Vegetable Gardening

Straw and cow poo is great to add to the compost pile

Starting a Vegetable Garden means Building the Vegetable Garden Soil

When starting a vegetable garden, A New one .....

..... where no garden has gone before .....

.... the likes and dislikes of the vegetable plants that you choose to grow are important.

Turn ... touch ...  test ... the vegetable growing medium.

Amend it, then plant seeds or started vegetable plants.

Your beginning vegetable gardening experience may not be perfect ...

... Building your vegetable gardening knowledge is like building the earth ...

... both improve with time.

Make compost with this

Who is the go to guy in an urban garden?

Organic Compost is that guy!

A home vegetable garden lives and breathes with a multitude of living organisms below the surface.

Compost provides this underground life the ability to deliver the goodies to us garden vegetables.

When starting a vegetable garden ...

... the most economical and beneficial source of feeding and building the home vegetable garden ...

... is from your own backyard garden compost bin ...

... Make Compost

We, the growing vegetable  plants ... can never get too much of this compost soil.

Staw bale garden beds... the straw will compost over time

Going back to starting a vegetable garden plans.

If the vegetable garden location and dynamics are good, start building.

Too much rock or poor drainage it may be that raised bed gardening is the way to go.

Bringing in a good organic soil mix to put in the raised beds will solve this problem.

If the backyard gardening location has too much clay or sand.

Dig deeply and turn it over.

Then try starting by adding good rich organic fertilizer of which compost is the best

Animal manure is in the mix ...

 ... Cover Crops and Green Manure

... are other organic gardening sources of humus for building vegetable garden soil.

Fall rye cover crop

Sheet mulching (compost sandwich)

   is a non digging method of producing good organic gardening matter ...

... in a new or marginal location.

Layers of cardboard, straw, manure and topsoil along with water ...

... will break down and create an excellent site for growing vegetables.

Fall is the best time to start a compost sandwich ...

... Allowing time for the layers to break down creating a great organic vegetable garden site.

Our gardener has heard of growing vegetables in this compost soil right away.

The organic matter will break down while the first crop of vegetables are growing ...

... Garden Fertilizer may be needed for this quick process of composting and growing ...

... as both deplete the soil of nutrients.

This layered composting method works both for raised bed gardening and traditional vegetable gardening.

Garden fertilizer  organic, that is

   may be required more often as these are more intensive vegetable gardening methods ...

... thus the garden earth will need to be fed.

Perfect soil in raised garden beds

Just starting a vegetable garden remember that ...

... Good organic vegetable garden soil makes for happy higher yielding vegetable plants.

Treat and build the earth well ... 

... and our gardener's dinner table will show the results, delicious us!

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