Backyard Ideas and
 How to Grow Vegetables

raise garden bed with a mix of growing vegetables including carrots, broad beans, and tomatoes

The vegetable garden design is progressing.
So what backyard ideas will help the How to Grow Vegetables Quest ?...

... while making this space a desirable activity centre for the gardener and his family ?

Planting new seed rows with planks to keep cats away until seed germination

Starting a vegetable garden from scratch may be easier to come up with ...

... backyard ideas than for an existing space but the considerations are the same.

            Space for Vegetables and Flowers ... versus ... Family  Recreation ?

            Users of the space ... adults ... children ... or us vegetables ?

            Sunshine ... Is it for plants or people ?

            Area available ... 1/2 acre or a small space garden ?

Our gardener says one of the best garden ideas he acted on is his backyard gazebo.

... Perfect rest and recreation spot for adults and children.

... A garden structure to shelter and support plants.

... Most important ... for our gardener the garden gazebo is his life guard station ...

    ...  the observation tower where he can sit, have a brew,

         and observe us vegetables in the garden.

              Are there white butterflies around ?

              Do the plants look green, sharp and healthy ? ... or thirsty ?

              Should he be thinning, weeding or picking ?

              Did the kid's ball flatten any plants ?

Instead of a backyard gazebo a garden bench in a prime observation location

                    will provide the same lifeguard station ...

... Not taking up valuable space for growing vegetables in a small space garden ...

... Fewer dollars too !

Lawn and playground equipment ? ... OR ...

... Kids space for organic vegetable gardening ?

Our neighbour's opinion is that young people are future stewards of the earth ...

... so knowing where their food comes from is important.

Children gardening ... his choice of backyard ideas.

He set aside a garden spot for his grand children to grow vegetables ...

... a children's activity they look forward to.

A set of real kids gardening tools have been set aside for them.

    Space garden areas in the back of the house...

...  may not get adequate sunshine for growing vegetables ... so ...

... Front yard vegetable gardening if this is the sunshine spot.

    Just remember, keep this garden clean and nice looking year round, neighbourly advice!

    Our gardener grew potatoes, cucumber, pole beans and squash in the front yard last year.

    This front of the house gardening option leaves the backyard available ...

...   or lawn and children's play area.

Backyard garden structures may exist already or be built for looks and function


 Fences ... provide privacy for humans.

               Also providing protection from the elements and support for flower and vegetable plants.

Trellises ... can be both decorative and a functional piece of garden equipment

              providing vining and climbing plants with support and

              shade, shelter and privacy for the gardener.

Raised bed gardens ... boxes will provide neatness and order in a backyard garden.

                       Fancier raised bed garden containers ideal for front yard vegetable gardening.

                       An obsessive compulsive gardener will be happy too ...

                       ... with all plants in their special place !

                           ... Raised bed gardening creates ideal growing conditions for us vegetable plants.

Greenhouse gardening ... May provide year round vegetables

                                      ... Gardening activities all year too.

Of all the gardening ideas, green house gardening may be on the costly side but ..

... can be very productive.

Backyard Ideas that compliment vegetable gardens

Do not always mean expense.

... A garden bench for that observation post.

... bird and ladybug houses attracting insect hungry birds and ladybugs.

... natural and existing garden structures for plant support.

... oases of companion plants and flowers to attract beneficial insects.

... Fruit trees that provide shade to vegetable plants and the gardner in the hot afternoon.

... Kids garden area

... Pine mulch is decorative and free in our yard.

... Plant containers ... decorative flower pots ... vegetable container gardening

    Our gardener's container gardening tip is to create movable garden containers ...

    ... moving them where the sun is or to bare spots where vegetable have been harvested.

container vegetable garden in our backyard

There are probably as many backyard ideas as creatures living underground in the garden ...

... the vegetable garden ideas chosen by a gardener suits his family's needs and budget ..

... also the needs of us vegetables.

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