Vegetable Gardening

           Vegetable gardening in our yard is Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening ... The verticle Way

Ask our gardener ...  Why raised bed gardening?

He will answer,

" Raised garden beds create perfect garden sites ...

                             ... Making it easier to learn how to grow vegetables ".

As folks explore these pages we, the garden vegetables,

will be telling of our gardener's, How to Grow Vegetables Journey.

Some good and other not so good adventures.

From tasty miniature carrots growing in containers

Miniature carrots grow well in containers ... Not a huge harvest but a tasty one!

To bitter cucumbers growing in the next can over !

On to the beginnings of growing asparagus in a raised bed.

Growing asparagus ... planting asparagus crowns

Just starting a vegetable garden?

A raised bed garden in his backyard meant overcoming poor growing conditions ...

... a high water table ... soggy poorly drained garden soil conditions.

Thus the garden soil was jacked up and raised garden beds created.

Raised bed garden of parsnip

Raised garden beds can be as simple...

... or as complicated as you wish or need them to be.

This depends on the vegetable gardener's circumstance

...  soil health

...  garden area available

...  growing conditions

...  irrigation and drainage needs

New raised garden bed being preped for early spring planting

Some backyards have great locations with good conditions for growing vegetables ...

... If so ...

... our gardener says go for it as is

Growing cabbage for a winter harvest

He also says, although raised garden beds are not the be all and end all of growing vegetables ...

... There are other great growing methods as well ...

... from a garden plot to no dig gardening ...

... Growing vegetables in containers and apartment balcony gardens.

Akitchen garden ... herb gardening in containers

But if the garden site needs a boost ...

... What a way to learn how to grow vegetables ...

... All vegetable growing conditions made perfect in raised beds.

Raised bed gardening ... A great way of growing vegetables in community gardens

Raised bed gardening or not ...

... How to grow vegetables is a skill.

Someone's idea of raised bed gardening ... Not in our yard though!

These skills develop with the gardener's ongoing gardening experiences ...

... which include the good gardening practices of  building and feeding the soil ...

... so we vegetable plants can eat ...... grow ..... and produce vegetables.

Access can be accomplished with raised bed gardens

Of all the vegetable gardening tips out there ...

... Our gardener says when in doubt, Ask !

... Gardening information is available at the local gardening supply shop or

    Ask the neighbourhood expert ...

... There is one in every community that knows the local gardening scene.

... Take advantage of someone else's place on the how to grow vegetables learning curve.

Garlic scapes ... an early taste of garlic ... Garlic pesto YUM!

Have a look at what our gardener thinks are the Easiest to Grow Vegetables.

Small space gardening ? ... He has some great Container Gardening Tips

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