Raised Garden Bed
The perfect vegetable garden soil

A Raised Garden Bed is one answer for growing vegetables ...

... in less than desirable garden sites.

Innovate......jack up the soil level !

Higher ground is perfect for larger garden plots and for the needs ...

...  of a small vegetable garden.

It will contain the best vegetable garden soil too !

Raised in front and vertical behind taking advantage of the small space.

For our gardener it means ... 

... avoiding high ground water ...

... fewer weeds ... not as much tilling and cultivating.

By planning the bed height and width ...

... he will not be bending his already over worked back as much.

Even though other gardeners' needs may differ ...

... raised bed gardening is a great way ...

... for gardening vegetables.

The soil in this bed will be the best mix.

For us, vegetable plants ...

...  it means the soil warms up earlier in the spring .....

......  ahhh !

We can feel the high water table tickling our root tips ...

...  while good bed drainage prevents soggy soil.

The walls of the raised vegetable garden bed helps keep weeds and pests away from us.

Building raised beds does not have to be difficult.

Our gardener is happier while all of us vegetable plants are healthier and more productive.

 The Raised garden bed can be as simple or ...

...  as complicated as you wish or need it to be.

This depends on the vegetable gardener's circumstance

...  soil health

...  garden area available

...  growing conditions

...  irrigation and drainage needs

Basic garden hand tools are all that is needed ...

... maybe simple carpenter tools as well !

A productive raised garden bed .

Raise a garden plot above ground level by

.... building up the soil level over time

.... adding prepared garden soil for this growing season

.... in new raised beds try a compost sandwich for next year

.... Build or make retaining structures of wood stone or brick to hold the soil in

.... use pre manufactured raised garden bed kits for this elevated experience

Our gardener's decision was made.

 This is a great method of vegetable gardening, for our yard.

The planning, decision making and the creation of this backyard vegetable garden began.
... where to locate the bed considering available sunshine in all seasons?

... build a walled or an uncontained raised bed or try both?

... how to prepare the raised garden sites' growing soils?

... which vegetables to grow?

... Vegetable plant placement maximizing growing space ...

... vertical garden plants to the rear ...

... with downward and out growing vegetable plants to the front

Terraced beds on a slope .. a great idea although there could be a pathway between the lower beds

More intensive gardening happens in a well prepared and well located elevated vegetable garden

Our gardener has a good sized yard for vegetable gardening ...

... He still manages to squeeze us vegetables in too tight.

Inter planting was not one of his strong points this year.

Just ask the parsnips!

They are still lost in the winter cabbage patch.

He needs to plan and plant vegetable seeds more wisely next growing season.



Larger vegetables if planted to close to others creates over crowding. Ask this parsnip growing up between the cabbage plants.

Growing vegetables on higher ground still requires wise gardening practices ...

...  including good company.

Companion vegetable planting does prevent loneliness amongst the vegetable plants

More importantly companion planting attracts benificial bugs and birds as well ...

...   deters garden pests.

He only had to consider available water for bed sprinkling by hand ...

... being sure the water tap was close by.

We vegetable plants in this yard are fortunate.

In other geographical areas where rainfall and water for irrigation is scarce ...

... vegetable gardeners have to consider irrigation systems or maybe wicking beds.

Tomatoes, carrots and broad beans

Raised bed gardening is a great option for backyard gardening....

...We know !

Growing tomatoes this year produced the best ever crop.

Raised Bed  +  South Wall  +  well drained humus rich soil  + ... 

... good choice of tomato plants = Great Tomatoes

Of course the cabbage , beets , chard , potatoes and pole beans were great and plentiful as well .

We heard himself say a new raised garden bed for growing rhubarb was in the works !

We vegetables worked well with our gardener in our new raised bed garden !

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