Growing Beans

Growing beans ... Easy gardening ?

... just starting a vegetable garden growing beans is a good choice.

... how to grow beans is simple to learn for beginners.

... beans grow well in most soil types.

... these legumes help the garden soil building process by boosting the nitrogen.

... few pests or diseases especially with the air circulation pole beans get.

Our gardener grows beans he refers to as drying beans and snap beans

Drying or shelling beans are grown to maturity .... the bean seeds only are cooked and eaten.

Snap beans or string beans are all for food ..

..  raw or cooked .. pods and beans .. picked before they mature.

He grows four types of beans of which there may be bean varieties that are ...

... snap beans when picked early ...

... shelling beans picked when mature and dry.

  Bush Beans are snap beans or string beans ... most modern bean varieties are stringless

... plant beans in rows

... bush beans grow 12 to 24 inches high

... plant support is not needed

...  crop is ready  at one time so harvest happens in one go

Pole Beans ... snap beans that are vining vegetables

...Need to be supported by bean poles or a trellis

...grow 6 to 10 feet high

... growing pole beans takes less garden space

... plant height increases air circulation reducing garden pests and  plant diseases

... once picking commences the pole bean plants will keep producing into fall and the first frost

... if picking beans stops sow will production

... pole beans produce better yields than bush beans

... some varieties if left to mature can be dried and used as shelling beans

    Drying Beans or Shelling Beans

... bean plants need to be supported with poles or trellis

... mature pods are picked when dry and beans rattle in the pod

... beans will require more drying after harvest

... beans only for eating

... pods good for the compost pile

 Growing Broad beans or Fava Beans ...

... often grown as cover crops

... some broad bean varieties can be eaten

... planted in fall for late spring harvest

... will need some supporting garden structures

... these beans must be cooked before eating.

Our gardener picked the broad beans today ... and ... Cooking them for dinner.

He is on the prowl for a good Fava Bean Recipe.

He says planting and growing the different bean varieties are similar except for the  plant supports

... bush beans are planted in rows

... pole beans are planted at the base of the support structure

... planting and Growing beans when the soil warms up improving yeilds

... crop rotation is often not required if lots of organic compost is added to the garden soil

... plant beans 1 to 1.5 inches deep

... water regularly to avoid bean plant stress

... the base of the plant is where the water should go ... watering the leaves may open the door to disease

... shallow cultivation prevents root damage

... successive planting of bush beans allows several harvests

... pole beans need to be picked regularly so the plants keep producing

The best location for planting beans in our garden ...

... this year ...  was the rear of the new raised garden bed.

Backing on a south facing fence the bean poles were easily attached to the fence.

This arrangement created a vertical garden that did not shade the growing vegetables in the front line.

The beans were picked from both sides.

Our gardener's favorite bean varieties are ...

... bush beans ... Gold Rush a yellow wax bean & Venture Blue Lake a green cool weather bean

... pole beans ... Kentucky  Blue or Kentucky Wonder Wax ... also cool season green bean varieties.

Scarlet Runner Beans are not the cook's favorite ...

... apparently himself has decided to grow some anyway ..

... scarlet runners have red flowers that attract bees and humming birds.

... the plan is to let them mature to be used as shelling beans.

Drying beans were not among us vegetables in last year's garden ...

... there is a plan to include growing beans for drying this year ...

The bean varieties being discussed are two heirloom bean varieties ...

... Orca ... grow to a height of 18 inches

... Borlotti ... these tall Italian fellas can grow way high ...16 feet or more if supported

Growing beans is easy .... It is probably why our gardener grows us !

We beans are delicious and nutritious ..

.. including us in any vegetable garden is a no brainer.

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