Growing Mint Herb

Growing mint herb is so easy.

Some gardeners ask .. how not to grow this tough perennial herb.

They say you only have to plant mint once !

Planting mint will add a pleasant scent to any garden ...

... especially in a small space garden or balcony garden.

The  ... BUT ...  when growing herb mint ... it has a travelling nature.

Growing Mint Gone Wild ... pretty,  but not nice !

Our gardener has experienced this and says

... growing mint herb in containers or confined raised bed gardens is best ...

... keep mint under lock and key.

Growing Mint herb can be an Invasive Plant ...
... Tamed Mint is a Desirable Culinary Herb.

... Mint herb when fresh picked or dried is used in ...

    Teas, sauces, candy, soups, mint vinegar and is great added to the cooking water of new potatoes and green peas

    Booze too .. Creme de Menthe

... Mint fragrance ... air freshener indoors and out.

... Garden pest control ... mint scents in the garden are not a favorite of the white cabbage butterfly

... Some varieties of mint ( not edible herb mint ) can be a substitute for moth balls

    deterring both moths and fleas.

... Landscaping with mint as a decorative ground cover is a bonus considering it's other properties

    Keep it under control ...

    ... block the plant's desire to spread using rock edging or existing walls and masonry structures.

How to grow mint herb ?

The best location is sunny .. some shade is okay

Well drained garden soil .. although there is a mint variety that likes soggy .. watermint.

Planting mint in containers will require a potting soil mix with lots of organic compost.

The healthiest mint plants are split every 3 years ... do not put unwanted mint in the compost pile ...

... put it out with garden waste to be composted elsewhere.

Mint can be grown from seed but is usually planted using a split plant or mint cuttings.

Herb propagation  is the splitting of perennial herbs ...

... repotting the root portions

Harvesting mint most often happens as it is needed .. picking stems or leaves.

New growth has the sharpest taste ... more frequent stem removal ...

... or pruning herbs back will encourage new growth.

Mint varieties are many ...

... the most common are peppermint and spearmint herb

... Corsican mint ... ground cover

... Lemon, banana, orange, grapefruit and even chocolate mint ... flavour and fragrance.

Mint the easiest herb to grow ...

... or is it the hardest herb not to grow ?

Mint will always be in our garden.

Although not used by the cart load ...

... Our gardener enjoys the look and scent growing mint provides.

We vegetable  plants appreciate the presence of planted mint ... companion gardening!

Mint is a good companion plant !

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