Garden Insects

Garden Insects ... Who of all the bugs in the garden are going to be naughty or nice?

Knowing the beneficial insects from the garden pest is important

Aphid control

If the insects in the garden are not eating any vegetable plants they are probably good bugs.

Our gardener lets these guys go about their natural back yard gardening chores.

Bug holes in cabbage leaves

When we, vegetable plants, are obviously under attack by any garden pest ...

... our gardener steps in to help us.

When the white cabbage butterfly is about watch for the worms.

He tries to prevent a need for non green garden pest control.

Saying natural pest control is best.

The heel of his boot, or better yet hand pick the vegetable garden pests and dispose of them.

Organic gardening at it's best, using your hands for backyard garden pest-control.

Modified paper cups around cabbage seedlings, Hopefully keeping the cut worms away from the stem.

Think ahead when natural gardening by including pest deterrents .

A method of attracting beneficial insects ... 

... is a must in any vegetable garden design.

Growing a vegetable garden is made easier when companion planting is implemented.

We vegetable plants like company.

Companion herbs, vegetables, and flowers add visible dynamics to our garden.

The buzzing of the pollinating bees ... the chomping of the hover flies eating aphids ...

... and lady bugs flying away home.

In our garden this past summer aphids were a little too plentiful.

The soapy water spray and direct water pressure method of natural control ...

... was not completely successful.

Next season will include companion planting.

The garlic was planted in October.

Nasturtium, alyssum, mint and other gardening vegetable company will be planted in the spring.

One of the big concerns for our gardener is growing broad beans.

Planted in November these vertical garden vegetables apparently attract aphids.

Spring gardening will prove interesting ...

... as our gardener deals with these common garden pests,

Which organic pest control method will he use ?

Growing  cabbage  ...

... without the seedlings being finished by cutworms ...

 ... and  cabbage loopers feasting on the leaves ...

... Our Gardener cut out Starbucks coffee cups ... 

... these rings protected the young cabbage plant stems from the cutworms ...

... the munching cabbage loopers were picked off by hand.

A biological pest control substance was also used on these caterpillar garden pests.

These methods worked on our growing cabbage ...

... it is now November and will soon be time to harvest this winter vegetable gardening crop.

Our gardener will be sure the raised bed garden soil will be turned over ...

... the frost will look after any remaining eggs of these and other garden pests.

Vegetable plants of the cabbage family will not be planted in this raised bed next year.

In traditional vegetable gardens, rotating crops helps with garden pest control.

Small space gardens often provide little choice as to location for growing favorite vegetables ... 

... so special attention to the garden soil is needed to keep the nasty guys away.

... Turning the soil to allow the frost and birds access to insect eggs and larva

... Some soil rotation and cover crops work too.

Attract beneficial insects with attractive flowers

Beneficial garden insects include the pollinators

The bees of course with the flowers attracting these beneficial insects who are very important.

Other good bug pollinators are hover flies, a very beneficial insect   ...

... butterflies and moths too.

Beneficial garden insects include ladybugs, ...

... lacewings, ground beetles, parasitic wasps and spiders.

The bad bugs ...

... aphids, cabbage maggots, cabbage loopers, cutworms, japanese beetles and cabbage moth ...

... are NOT beneficial insects.

The gardener moves this pot of garlic close to aphid infestations. Does it work? He thinks so.

We vegetable plants appreciate our gardener's think ahead vegetable garden plan approach.

He knows it is easier to prevent a vegetable garden pest invasion by

attracting beneficial garden insects.

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