Organic Gardening Compost

Organic gardening compost.

Our gardener's number one vegetable garden soil builder.

We vegetables agree !

No gatorade, quick fix, non organic fertilizer for us.

Make compost, save money

Compost ingredients tell the story ...... naturally !


  •   thin layers of grass and cover crop clipping .. vegetable scraps .. green garden waste


  •   leaves .. straw ..  chopped prunings .. dried brown organic yard waste


  •    pockets of air created by layering  and turning of organic matter


  •    rain or water provided by or gardener

Put the correct combination of  ingredients in the compost pile ...

... soul food for us vegetables growing in the garden ...

... Organic Gardening Compost !

Compost makings are free

Making compost is not difficult.

Our gardener does it !

Organic Gardening Compost making in a backyard garden ? ....

.... Try a compost bin or pile ....

Short of space ? ....

.... In a small vegetable garden use a commercial compost bin ....

.... or let earth worms do the work .... vermicomposting ... indoors or out.

Let earth worms do the heavy lifting!

The organic gardening compost recipe the gardener remembers in his childhood backyard

    was like a vegetarian lasagne.

Layers of dry grass clipping and green garden waste alternated with layers of leaves and prunings  ....

.... each layer started at 4 or 5 inches thick and was piled about 3 to 4 feet high ....

.... every 6 weeks or so the compost pile was turned and watered.

Cow manure a great addition to the compost pile

Organic Gardening Compost ...... Organic Garden Soil ...... Organic Vegetables

In our old backyard our gardener heaped up leaves chopped up by the lawn mower.

After more than a year the inside of this pile was soft, dark and crumbly .....

....  completely decomposed .... this was leaf mould .... most excellent !

Fertilizer organic of course!

The partially decomposed leaves around the outer edges was mixed with straw or grass clippings ....

.... then used for garden mulch.

Maybe this raised-garden bed is deer proofed.

A compost pile that suffers from loneliness during the winter is organic compost that stops working.

Pay attention when making compost ... it needs to be turned regularly for aeration ...

... new fall leaves may need a boost of nitrogen to offset the high carbon level of the leaves ...

... we have seen our gardener add a few scoops of high nitrogen fertilizer to the compost pile when turning ...

... alfalfa meal or scoops of mature  compost will kick start ... 

... the zillions of living creatures in the compost pile and get them working.

Raised bed to plant the garlic in

Commercial compost is availible at the local gardening supply shop.

Our gardener uses a composted ocean fish and kelp bi-products mix that does not smell fishy.

This organic stew of decomposing organic matter is better than garden fertilizer ..

Compost soil feeds us growing vegetables  gradually thus needs to be replaced as we use up the nutrients.

Apply this organic soil conditioner and builder ...

... before the growing season by digging or mixing this well rotted mix into the garden plot

    in raised beds, and  the vegetable container garden.

... while we grow ...   

  • top dress with compost and cultivate in
  •  side dress over root spread
  •   use as a mulch for garden soil  protection around the plants
  •    give us a spot of compost tea

Well matured airy compost rich soil warms easier so enables planting seeds earlier.

Especially when raised bed gardening.

This is how to grow vegetables.

Great compost gave these tomatoes a boost
  •       Feed the compost pile
  •       garden soil feeds on decomposed organic matter
  •       compost soil feeds us vegetables
  •       we feed our gardener

Compost goes in the potting soil mix too

When Growing Vegetables

Well built garden soil will produce great vegetables.

The key to the soil building process is this mix ...

... of well decomposed organic gardening compost.


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