Raised Bed Gardening
in our backyard vegetable gardens & why.

Why raised bed gardening in our yard?


Our gardener prefers to use this organic vegetable gardening method .... 

....  he avoids poor drainage and a high water table.

Now he is growing vegetables year round ....

.... using these jacked up vegetable beds

Raised garden beds after fall cleanup
Raised garden beds after fall cleanup.
Raised bed garden with cabbage for late fall and winter harvest

The highway of growing vegetables ... Raised Bed Gardening

Raised garden beds mean easy access for this gardener.

  •   good deep growing soil  where none currently exists
  •  better drainage
  •  maximizes garden space allowing more intensive gardening
  •  isolates weeds  and pests
  •  allows easier access
  •  rotate crops OR rotate soil easily

Elevated garden beds can be simple as a garden plot ....

.... with the vegetable garden soil mounded up ....

.... elevating it 6 or 8 inches above ground level. 

Garden structures to hold the soil can be home made ....

.... pre manufactured garden beds or gardening containers

This raised garden bed has just been built ... It will contain great garden soil

Until this year our gardener was  growing vegetables  in a garden plot and jacked up beds

In the new backyard garden design  (as well as some of his front yard) ...

... He is making plans for elevated beds and container vegetable  gardening.


Asparagus will be planted in this raised bed

Vegetable Gardening Soil ... Key to Organic Vegetable Gardening

The soil mix will be adjusted for raised garden beds an for growing vegetables in containers

This year the existing garden plot had humus rich garden soil added to it ...

... increasing the soil level by 8 inches .

A good crop of spinach , beets , and chard grew in this raised bed ....

.... growing tomatoes here was his best ever harvest.

Another home built boxed garden produced great carrots , pole beans and squash ...

 ... the growing cabbage is a winter variety.

Our gardener tried to over maximize the growing space in this elevated garden plot.

... the parsnips are lost somewhere in the cabbage !! 

Do not be tempted place vegetable plants too close without a wise inter planting plan.

These cool weather vegetables were planted late fall

By the way a new box was just built , using 2 X 12 X 12 cedar ...

... for  vegetable gardening this fall and winter.

What will grow at this time of year(September) you ask ?

Our gardener just planted scallions , radishes , spinach , chard and purple sprouting broccoli

We will see how this fall and winter garden grows !

The credit for a good fall / winter crop may go more to the weather than the gardener. 

Raised bed gardening is ideal in community gardens

Our gardener .... I ... We .... Us .... What is this ??

... We are the vegetable plants and are keeping track of our gardener's backyard gardening experiences !

... Good and not so good !

Gardening this way does not change good vegetable growing principles.

We vegetable plants growing in a this higher perfect garden soil ... 

... or our gardener sleeping in a raised bed ... 

... does not matter as long as all are healthier and happier !

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