Garden Hand Tools

Garden Hand Tools are the basic tools for vegetable gardening.

Garden Hand Tools ...

... Why are they called hand tools when we see our gardener using his foot on some of them?

I guess this is not a need to know for a vegetable plant like me.

All kidding aside, when vegetable gardening using your hands and feet protect them ... 

... wear gloves and appropriate footwear.

Building and feeding the garden soil ....

....... the most important part of good vegetable gardening principles.

So it goes ... 

...  tools that dig, spread, turn, chop and carry are important part of the urban garden tool shed.

The initial ground breaking ceremony may involve the use of a power tiller ...

... a noisy and smelly beast of a machine ...

After this basic home gardening tools should be all that is required.

  •    Garden shovel .... Most important of digging tools

   followed by

  •    Garden rakes and a gardening fork .... for spreading, smoothing ....

             .... mulching .... and collecting garden waste and debris.


  •    Garden hoe ....

             .... a cultivator .... a weeder .... as well as one of many planting tools.

Protective garden gear may not be fashionable .....

.... but is a defender of the gardener's personal doing and thinking devices.

  •     Wear garden gloves ..... clean and safe hands
  •     Gardening boots ... healthy ... dry ... clean feet

                     good boots will help our gardeners feet push a spade into the garden soil will be easier.

  •     Gardening hats ... our gardener is a chrome dome so he has quite the collection.

Basic Hand Garden Tools

   These devices vary depending on the needs of backyard gardening.

....... Traditional garden plot

....... Raised bed gardening

....... container vegetable gardening

Special tools are not required for theses different backyard gardening methods.

Smaller vegetable garden hand tools as well as those with shorter handles may be better for a small space garden.

Our gardener cares for garden hand tools as he knows it will make for easy vegetable gardening.

Garden tool care includes

  •    ... sharpening his garden shovels, forks and garden shears 
  •  ... proper not leave gardening tools outdoors when not in use 
  •  ... oil paint and protect them from the elements


Where does our gardener get his vegetable gardening tools?

... he utilizes what is on hand .. adapting for tasks ... most economical

...  Most  hand garden  tools can be used for multiple vegetable gardening functions ...

    ...  especially shovels and garden forks.

When beginning vegetable gardening garage sales and flea markets are great.

These discount garden tools help the bottom line

A local gardening equipment store or an online gardening tools and supplies catalogue ... 

... will show you what garden tools you might need and much more.

Our gardener thinks he is a fisherman.

When he goes to a tackle shop .....

..... he says the fishing lures probably catch more fisherman than fish.

The same goes for a gardening supply store.

Purchase what you need do not be caught !

Proper tool care is very important ...

...  leads to ...

...  Economical, easy vegetable gardening.

Garden tool care includes ...

   ... sharpening garden shovels, forks and garden shears

   ...  proper storage .. do not leave gardening tools outdoors when not in use

   ... oil, paint and protect them from the elements

Correct and cared for  gardening hand tools makes for easy gardening.

In our garden we enjoy hearing the birds, bees and garden insects going about their business.

Garden hand tools noisey stuff !

Backyard gardening at it's best.

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